Next (8th) Course for Medical Doctors, October 17, 2023 - 17:30

Mini-symposium in Italian
(in presence and online)


Nephros Education: Let’s share our knowledge

Our Mission

Founded by PD(Aus) Dr. Claudia Ferrier-Guerra (CV in Italian), nephrologist and former director of a dialysis clinic, Nephros Education’s mission is to contribute, through knowledge sharing, to a better management of patients at risk, with known or suspected renal diseases.

Delaying or – as often as possible – avoiding the onset of chronic kidney disease and kidney failure is our ultimate goal.

Through her whole professional life, PD(Aus) Dr. Ferrier-Guerra has been involved in research, clinics, patient management and teaching activities. This very important step is dedicated to patients, medical students, medical doctors, scientists and, last but not least, to her peers from whom she wishes to continue learning and sharing her deep knowledge of nephrology.

Because HEALTH flows through Kidneys.

CME Courses

Refresher courses in nephrology are dedicated to medical specialists and general practicioners. Participants are rewarded with CME credits

Medical Students

Courses dedicated to medical students from the University of Bern and to the members of the ASTIM association (Medical Students from Southern Swutzerland)


Medical specialists, medical students, medical practices’ assistants who have carried our part of their training within Nephros Education.


Selected papers on nephrology summarized to keep our audience updated on the last findings in prevention, diagnosis and therapies of renal diseases.